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1. Once I have submitted my picks, how can I make changes? Participants can change their picks any time between the field being posted and the deadline hitting. Simply sign in, go to the "Leaderboard" and make new picks. Participants will receive a confirmation email after they have changed their picks. If an email is not received, the picks have NOT been changed.

2. Why can't I make changes to my picks? The golf tournament has not started yet. Although the tournament has not yet started, the deadline may have already past. Always be sure to check the deadline posted on the Homepage and Make Picks section of the Fantasy Challenge game.

3. My player was cut/dropped; can I choose a new one? As long as a golfer was cut before the picks deadline, Participants may choose another golfer. This choice must be received before the deadline hits.

4. Where can I find my current ranking? A Participant's current ranking will always be at the top of their leaderboard. Participants can also select a specific week do see how they did for a specific tournament.

5. Where do I find how much money I won for each specific week? Go to "Leaderboard" and click the week to view. When that populates, click the"View" link under "Details" all the way to the right of the Team Name. A pop up box will show how all the chosen golfers did.

6. Where can I find who I picked for past tournaments/weeks? Go to "Leaderboard" and click the week to view from the dropdown menu. When that populates, click the "View" link under "Details" all the way to the right of the Team Name. A pop up box will show who was picked for that week.

7. How do I find out if I won a prize? A full list of winners can be seen on the Winners link on Winners will also be contacted by a member of the Golf Channel Marketing Team via email within a week of the given contest ending.

8. Can I win more than once? Yes, but you may be subject to taxes if the total prize amount is greater than $600.

9. I placed in the top three for the current week, when will I be contacted? All winners are contacted within a week of the tournament in question ending.

10. I chose the winner of the past tournament, do I win a prize? Unfortunately we do not award prizes based on correctly choosing a tournaments overall winner. Prizes are based on who has the highest number of points for the given week.

11. What criteria is used to place players into the four groups? The groups are determined by World Golf Ranking. The number of players in the field helps to determine the cut off for each group.

12. How can I see how my picks are doing during the tournament? During the tournament, go to the Leaderboard Page and click on your name. This will produce a scorecard with the most recent scoring.

13. When are the earnings posted each week for the tournament? The earnings are posted when the tournament ends on Sunday evening.

14. Where do I find the past week’s winners? A full list of winners is posted on the Winners link on the Fantasy Golf League Homepage underneath the Expert Leaderboard.

15. Where do I find who the experts picked for this upcoming tournament/each past tournament? The editorial piece in Fantasy Central titled "Expert Picks" show which golfers the experts are picking. This can be found on the "Make Picks" page of the Fantasy Golf League. Videos are also included in Fantasy Central.

16. What is a league? How do I create one? Leagues are private groups for Participants and their friends to compete against each other in. They are not monitored by Golf Channel and prizes are not awarded to Participants who excel in a league. That is at the discretion of the league and its commissioner.

17. Can I leave a league once I have entered? A user can leave a league at any time by navigating to the "Manage" tab, selecting "My Leagues" and then clicking "Leave League" next to the appropriate league.

18. Can I start a league even though the game has already begun? Yes, leagues can be started at any time.

19. Can I join a league that has already started? Yes, leagues can be joined at any time.

20. How do I change my team or league name? On the "Manage Team/Leagues" tab, you will see an area to change your team name. League names can only be changed by the league commissioner. If you are the commissioner, you will also see an area to change the name under the "Manage Team/Leagues" tab.

21. How do I change my email/password? To change your password, Participants must go through At the top of the any page, there is a "Sign In" button. Click that link and sign in. From there, the site reverts back to the Homepage where there is a "My Account" button. Click that link and follow the prompts to change your email.

22. My favorite golfer is playing in this week's tournament but I don't see him in the Fantasy Golf League field. Why? We post the most updated field Mondays no later than 4PM ET. While the field is usually very close to final, there are sometimes changes on Mondays where players are moved around, drop out or are added. While we do monitor those players who withdraw and update our users to the best of our ability, we are unable to add golfers after the initial Monday cutoff.

23. I can't make my picks – I keep getting an error. Completely log out of the Fantasy Game and sign back in. If there is still a problem, make sure the most up to date version of the internet browser is being used. Finally, if that does not help, click on the Contact Us link on and answer all the questions regarding the problem/error. Be sure to include picks for the week so that we can enter them on the backend.

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Team Name Money Won
Colins Bloke
Chasing The Dragon
Joe L1
Bighorse Clan
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Team Name Money Won
Ryan Lavner $21,101,176
Will Gray $19,459,394
Randall Mell $19,024,318
Jay Coffin $18,340,343
Rex Hoggard $16,862,138
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